Chasing the Dead #3

ctd_cover_3Two terrifying encounters with her daughter’s kidnapper have left Sue with blood on her hands and a trail of bodies in her wake and no hope of saving her daughter… until the one person alive with the means of helping her reveals himself and provides Sue with the twisted supernatural history of her tormentor and possibly the means to destroy him…

Chasing the Dead is a fast-paced, ferociously tense supernatural thriller from the twisted mind of Star Wars horror novelist Joe Schreiber (Red Harvest, Death Troopers).

Praise for Chasing the Dead #3:

With all the books I have to review, I must say that this story is the most memorable. –

I am a fan of every element that is going on in this story! – Kiaya Kowalski – Pendragon’s Post

One of the most intense mini-series currently on the stands. –

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