OBeast Makes ScreenCraft Quarter Finals!

Written by Rod Thompson and Tim Westland, “OBeast” is a campy, pitch perfect homage to the 80’s horror movies you loved as a kid.

“We’re extremely gratified that OBeast scored so well and made it to the Quarter Finals in the ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay contest. Not bad for a script whose 1st draft was written in 11 hours!”, said Rod Thompson.

That’s right… 11 hours! Several drafts later, the two writers submitted the script to ScreenCraft, believing wholeheartedly that its unique voice and dedication to bringing back the best of those classic horror movie tropes we all loved would help to get it through to the next round.

“OBeast is “The Blob” meets “Carrie” with a decidedly comedic bent. Memorable characters, hilarious dialogue, and rollercoaster pacing make this a script with “cult classic” literally written all over it!”, said Tim Westland.

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