Wow! Obeast makes ScreenCraft Semi-Finals!

Written by Rod Thompson and Tim Westland, “OBeast” is a campy homage to those 80’s horror movies you loved as a kid.

“I’m stoked! Making Semi-Finals in the ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay contest is phenomenal and I couldn’t be happier about it. I know competition in Horror is super tough… so that makes this even more special.”, said Tim Westland.

The original draft for Obeast was written in just 11 hours! Several drafts later, Rod Thompson and Tim Westland submitted the script to ScreenCraft and crossed their fingers.

“Our goal with ‘OBeast’ was simple: craft a pitch perfect tribute to the best horror films of the 1980s… and make it an instant cult classic. By making the Semi-Finals, Tim and I feel we are on the right track. Our fingers were crossed for Quarters. Our toes are crossed for Finals!”, said Rob Thompson.

Read The Script here!

See the ScreenCraft announcement here

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