About Us

Imagine a world – dark and mystical – not too distant from our own with gritty characters and real drama. We did. Fortune Moon creates genre transmedia content based on video games, novels, comics and films.

Fortune Moon was created by Tim Westland and Matthew Scott.


Tim Westland is an accomplished writer of several full length screenplays and numerous shorts. He has won a number of awards, is a 2014 Page International Quarter Finalist, and has half a dozen short scripts optioned.

He is also co-author (with Matthew Scott) of the acclaimed comic book series and graphic novel, “Chasing The Dead”.

Tim is also a moderator for MoviePoet.com





mattscottMatthew Scott successfully launched a small comic book publisher in the late 90’s, followed by Game Machine Studios, a small video game developer in Orange County, and more recently Little Orbit, a worldwide video game publisher. He has written several screenplays and is currently working on a fantasy novel.