“Hunted” Makes Page 2015 Quarter Finals!

Authors Tim Westland and Rod Thompson are happy to announce that their screenplay, “Hunted”, made it to the Page 2015 Quarter Finals.

“Page is an awesome contest with really tough competition, so it was extra sweet to discover we’d made it that far – especially when you consider there were something like 7,000 scripts battling it out”, said Tim Westland.

“Hunted features a unique mythology, never before seen monsters, and a roller coaster pace. It’s a perfect little horror film with limited locations, a small cast, and craaazy sequel opportunities”, added Rod Thompson.

Here’s the logline:

    A weekend hunting trip turns into a monster filled shit storm after five Iraq war buddies clash with an insane hillbilly imbued with supernatural powers. As they battle an army of reanimated road-kill taxidermy monsters, they discover the true evil isn’t the crazy bastard on their asses – but the ancient evil lurking nearby.

If you’re interested in reading Hunted, email Tim at: timwestland@hotmail.com